Living the Plan in Riverside


Living the Plan in Riverside


Celebrating the Burnham Plan Centennial with Art Excursions’ Jeff Mishur



The year 2009 marks the centennial of Daniel Burnham’s visionary plan for Chicago and its environs.  Burnham’s plan shaped the city and suburbs for generations of residents and visitors to enjoy.

This slide lecture explores the Burnham plan along with its origins and sources.  Learn about the full scope of the 1909 plan and its relationship to European and American precedents.  Follow the transition from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition to the City Beautiful Movement so eloquently manifested in Burnham’s plan for Chicago.

Art Historian Jeff Mishur presents this slide lecture.  Mishur is an owner of Art Excursions, a business providing lectures on cultural topics as well as boutique tours of important art cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.  Mishur isa member of the Illinois Humanities Councils “Road Scholars” speakers bureau and has taught at the university level for 16 years.

The Riverside Public Library is a proud partner/host of the Burnham Plan Centennial and beginning with this program will present and host various lectures, activities and programs, including the exhibit, throughout 2009.  Please check their website for additional upcoming events in connection with this celebration.