Welcome to Riverside 2024!

Welcome Neighbor!

We are so glad you’ve moved to Riverside! The Frederick Law Olmsted Society welcomes you to this historic landmark village!

The Olmsted Society is a Riverside-based group open to everyone. Since 1968 we have helped preserve Riverside’s green spaces and encouraged community get-togethers.

The Olmsted Society invites you to join in a special, fun way to explore Riverside and meet your fellow newcomers and neighbors. There are two fun activities for you:

DiscoverRiverside!: A DIY scavenger hunt to find some of Riverside’s treasures. You can enjoy the hunt from June 1 through July 20 any time that is convenient for you.

Newcomer tent at a Vintage Baseball game on August 4 (Location = Big Ball Park):

Vintage Baseball, a crowd favorite tradition, is a free event where two teams play ball following rules and dressed in uniforms from 1869. This year, we will have a Newcomer Tent where you can get SWAG bags (while supplies last). We’ll also pick the winner from a raffle for all those who completed the DiscoverRiverside! Activity. Raffle prizes are:

Prize 1: $100.00 to the Chew Chew Restaurant
Prize 2: $50.00 to LaBarra Restaurant
Prize 3: $50.00 to Riverside Foods

Click the link below and see the quiz and scavenger hunt map!


Looking forward to seeing you at Big Ball Park on August 4!

Any questions? Please contact gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@rettelswen.