Seasons in Riverside

by: Kane L., St. Mary Elementary, 5th grade

Seasons in Riverside


When it is summer and you’re playing at Turtle Park
You realize it’s the 4th of July
Because the parade with its bands, fire trucks and floats
Starts to pass by.
Afterwards, you buy delicious ice cream from Grumpy’s
And you smile to yourself and say
Summer in Riverside is great
Every single day.


When the leaves of the trees are falling down,
You sit on the ground just hanging around
You look back on your day when you laughed and played
Painting Halloween windows around the downtown.
Then afterwards you decorated pumpkins and,
with the Scouts, ate s’mores
Then you think to yourself that no fall day in Riverside
Is ever a bore.


Now it’s oh so cold at the ice cream shop with a hot chocolate in your hands
Before coming here you went for a walk around
The brightly lit town
During the Holiday Stroll.
Where at Riverside Garage you saw the train’s wheels roll
Before you left for the sledding hill
So then you say hip-hip-hooray!
Cause every winter day in Riverside is filled with thrills.


In springtime you see the Easter egg hunters in Turtle Park
Then you devour your basket from Aunt Diana’s
With spring candy and bunnies all around.
Also in spring, Riverside embraces Arbor Day,
When we plant trees and seeds and play all through the day.
Then we have Memorial Day when, with the families of veterans, we all pray.
School begins to end in Riverside in spring
When the children all laugh and say
“Riverside’s spring days are cool and sunny.”

But as you can see, the whole cycle of seasons is cool where I live,
And I hope everyone here agrees!