FLOS 2022 Poetry Contest Winners



The Olmsted Society’s “Reflections on Riverside” Student Poetry Contest is held each April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Inspired by the 200th Anniversary of Olmsted’s birth, our theme this year focused on Riverside Roots – and more than 120 area students rose to the challenge!

We wish to recognize everyone who adventured outdoors and wandered our restorative landmark landscape. You thoughtfully considered how Riverside spreads its roots and influence, what lies hidden in the ground or in ourselves, and what anchors us all. Our judges were impressed by your reflections!

We are pleased to announce to the community the overall winners of the Poetry Contest, at each level:

1st Grade: Robin B. Central “What’s In Riverside”

2nd Grade: Kai A. Central “Thriving”
(a tie) Tamzin D. Blythe Park “Branches”

3rd Grade: Gabriel M. Central “A Hike in the Riverside Forest”

4th Grade: Maya A. Central “From the Roots Up”

5th Grade: Josie C. Blythe Park “The Foundation of Riverside”

Jr. High 1st: Ella B. Hauser “Roots”

Jr. High 2nd: Vincenzo G. Hauser “My Roots of Riverside”

Jr. High 3rd: Mykhailo R. Hauser “Representing Riverside”

This year, we were able to present some of the awards at the schools’ year-end ceremonies. Our poetry co-chairs were happy to share kudos and congratulations with the D96 school communities. Certificates and prizes (cash, flower seeds, pencil, eraser, notebook, and custom Aunt Diana’s chocolate) were distributed to our talented winners. On behalf of the Olmsted Society, it is our sincere hope that we brought each poet a little joy!

The Foundation of Riverside


Lining the streets

Filling the green spaces

Cleaning the air

Thousands of trees

Standing tall and proud

The roots keeping them sturdy

Keeping them healthy

Trees swaying side to side

With the breeze

In the wind

A home for Robins, Cardinals

And many more

Laying their eggs

As Happy as can be

People enjoying their company

Hearing and seeing trees

From their home to the flowing river and beyond

From Blue Ash to Hackberry

They are there

Rooted in Riverside

Josie C.

Grade 5

Central Elementary School


On the side of a river is where we stand

Our nature is so plentiful, beautiful and grand.

This land, my home, filled with love

Our roots grow deep, we walk above.

While this small piece of Mother Earth grows roots-

We do too.

Each generation before us grew

And generations to come will continue that bloom.

Like the little indigo flowers that pop up everywhere

And the daffodils that show Spring is in the air.

Love them, for it shows care.

If there is not care I’ve paved my own path to doom

So the wisdom I absorb will be shared and adored.

The plants that thrive, the river that rushes, so luscious.

The cardinals that sing their beautiful tune.

At night in the sky the moon shines so bright.

The crickets sound their chirp-chirp.

The foxes, most quiet, dash through fences.

When I witness this, I stop.

All these things bundled up into this little town-

But to me it’s big.

Full of love and charming as can be.

I know I do, but do you see the things we take for granted?

A world without these things

I see slanted.

Ella B.

Grade 7

L.J. Hauser Junior High School