House Walk 2019: Masterworks

Avery Coonley House Bedroom Wing

Avery Coonley House Bedroom Wing

Saturday, September 28, 2019
Noon to 4:00PM

Hop Stop immediately follows at the Riverside Train Station





The Frederick Law Olmsted Society House Walk is back, featuring some of the most beautiful and iconic homes in Riverside! This years’ theme is “Masterworks,” featuring some of the best examples of work by famous architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, William Le Baron Jenney, William Drummond and Louis Guenzel, and John Vinci and Lawrence Kenney.

Four structures that are part of the original Avery Coonley Estate will be open for viewing. The Coonley House Bedroom Wing (1907) and the Gardener’s Cottage (1907) were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Bedroom Wing has undergone extensive restoration by the current owners. Thorncroft Residence (1912) and the Caretaker’s Cottage (1913) were designed by William Drummond and Louis Guenzel, proteges of Frank Lloyd Wright and Adler and Sullivan, respectively.

The Freeark House, designed by John Vinci and Lawrence Kenney (1975), is a stunning International Style home overlooking the Des Plaines River.

The L. Y. Schermerhorn House (1870), designed by William Le Baron Jenney, is one of the oldest homes in Riverside.

In addition to the Avery Coonley Estate Bedroom Wing, the following houses are featured (click on the house image for more information):

Check In

Check in will begin at 11:30AM, Saturday, September 28 at the courtyard of the Avery Coonley Estate Bedroom Wing. The houses will be open for viewing at noon.

If you have purchased a combined House Walk + Hop Stop Ticket, you will receive a Hop Stop wrist band when you check in for the House Walk. That will allow you to bypass the Hop Stop check in lines.


Parking is available at the lot South of the Riverside Train Station, the Riverside Swim Club lot, the lot at the Indian Gardens ball park, and on the street. See the map below.

Restroom Facilities

Port-a-let facilities can be found near the Riverside Train Station and in the Indian Gardens ball park lot.

Tour Sites

Please stay on the sidewalks. Out of courtesy to the owners, please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking inside the buildings. No photographs are allowed inside the homes.


Burlington Realty, Gaslight Realty and Sylvester Realty are the primary sponsors for the House Walk.