Landscape Workdays: July 10th & September 18th, 2021

Our 8 volunteers were at Patriot’s Park on July 10 to trim the shrubs covering the pathway, weed the flower bed, remove dead shrubs, and invasive plants. The path was covered with shrubs and with Michael Collins’ guidance and knowledge, we were able to clear it.

In May our volunteers cleared invasives from the riverbank by Indian Gardens. Today our 11 volunteers collected seeds to scatter in that area. We then planted gray sedge. riverbank, false hop, and fox sedges along the riverbank. These sedges are designed to live and thrive in wetlands and along riverbanks. Michael Collins, Village Forester, dug the holes for the sedges with an auger. Thanks to Shawn Sinn for his expertise in picking out the plants that will survive in this area.