50/50 Tree Planting Program

Olmsted Society Members
Save 75% on 50/50 Tree Planting Program

Members of the Frederick Law Olmsted Society can realize substantial savings with the Village of Riverside’s 2014 Cooperative Tree Planting Program for residential parkways and public setbacks. For more information, visit www.riverside.il.us. Price includes free delivery, planting, mulch, and initial watering. Olmsted Society members will be reimbursed for ½ their cost after submitting their receipt from the Village. The Village is taking orders now until March 1, 2014. Orders are first come, first served.

For questions on regarding submitting a receipt for reimbursement, please email gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@syadkrow.

For questions on membership in the Frederick Law Olmsted Society, please email gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@pihsrebmem. Join on-line at www.olmstedsociety.org/membership