Spring Workdays – 2023

It rained and it snowed during our workday at Harrington Park on March 25, 2023. We cleared honeysuckle and other invasives from a large bed in Harrington Park.
Our boots and shoes were covered in mud but we proceeded slowly ahead. Our hearty volunteers made a huge improvement in that part of the park.Had a nicer day on May 13th in Scottswood Common.

Mulching was the order of our workday at the large triangle at Longcommon and Downing Roads on April 19, 2023. Mike Collins, Village Forester, delivered mulch to the site before our workday. Volunteers began by shoveling the mulch into wheelbarrows and dumping mulch in three large beds on the Longcommon side of the triangle. All of us were worn out when the last wheelbarrow was emptied.

We walked across the street to the Longcommon and Kent triangle and it began to rain. Volunteers dug the holes to plant two burr oak trees in honor of Arbor Day. This is the triangle where two very large and old oak trees were destroyed in the storm last June. One tree was donated by FLOS’ Tributes and Trees Program and the other was given by the Village of Riverside. The Landmark was there to photograph the planting and to give us nice publicity. It continued raining as we finished planting and mulching around the two beautiful trees.