Double Duty April/May Workdays!

On a beautiful May 7th, eight volunteers along with Michael Collins, Village Forester, planted shrubs and perennials on the Longcommon.

Elderberry and honeysuckle bushes were planted along with ginger, waterleaf, foamflower and anemone throughout the Longcommon.

All of these plantings, along with mayapple, bluebells and maidenhair fern, were donated by a very kind and generous volunteer. Thank you for making the Longcommon a beautiful treasure in Riverside.

Also, a very large group of our regular volunteers and students from Riverside-Brookfield High School Day of Service volunteered their time at our workday on April 23, 2016. Village Forester, Michael Collins, gave all of the students information about what they would be doing. The students removed invasive buckthorn and made two large burn piles. Michael Collins then gave the students a lesson on the effects of Emerald Ash Bore and then on how to plant a tree. The students planted four oak trees around the scout cabin in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day.