Riverside – The History and the Mysteries

Riverside - The History and Mysteries

Riverside – The History and Mysteries




Thursday, March 9, 2023


Riverside Library






The beautiful Village of Riverside has a long history that might surprise you. It also has some associated mysteries that, it is hoped, will someday be resolved. This talk will explore both.

Even before there was a Riverside, as we know it, there were things and events happening on this strategically placed piece of ground, and closely adjacent areas, that affected almost 2/3rds of North America.

Today Riverside, and its designer, Frederick Law Olmsted, are world famous. The entire village is a National Historic Site. People from around the nation and the world come to visit, and tour. Its design and rationale are taught in schools of landscape architecture everywhere. And oh, by the way, it remains a really cool place to live.

Come join us. You will learn a lot about Riverside. And maybe you can help us eventually solve one of Riverside’s mysteries.

LINK to the YouTube page with the presentation.

Jim Petrzilka has been a member of the Riverside’s Historical Commission for eleven years and has lived in the village for 46 years. He is a self-described history geek. Jim’s time in Riverside’s History Museum has afforded him the opportunity to delve deeply into the archives of village history.

Jim is also a village tour guide for the Olmsted Society and a member of its board of directors.

Prior to his volunteer work in the village, Jim was a product manager for AT&T.