FLOS Garden Groomers Program

Garden Groomers

Garden Groomers


Great Garden Opportunity for Teens!


The popular Garden Groomers program for teens is back! If you know a teen who wants to learn more about gardening, this is the place! Whether to pick up some part time work, or for personal satisfaction, gardening is a great past time. Admission to the program is on a rolling basis now through the end of June.

Sign up for the Olmsted Society’s “Garden Groomers” certificate course. Teens, age 14-18, are eligible to obtain the certificate. This new program, with online video instruction (about one hour), an online test, and one-two hours of in-garden training, will give you confidence and skills in the garden.

The emphasis of the program is on natural garden maintenance, so you can be good to the Earth.
Read on for more information, and then, if you are interested, contact gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@sremoorGnedraG. Classes are limited, and available NOW! Hope to see you!