Annual Meeting January 14, 2011

The Frederick Law Olmsted Society’s Annual Meeting was held on January 14, 2011 at the Riverside Village Hall. President Kim Jacobs thanked the 2010 board for their efforts, spoke about improvements in the Society’s Outreach Program, and announced that there will be two open meetings this year to establish a better line of communication and strengthen our involvement in the community. The first Open Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 7:30 P.M., at the Riverside Village Hall, 27 Riverside Road, Riverside, Room 22.

Treasurer Fred Kitch gave the financial report, and board members Constance, Guardi, Bill Sleeth, Holly Machina, Dorie Skiest, Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga and Jim Petrzilka provided reports on the 2010 Housewalk, Library, Landscape, Writing Contest and Tours.

On behalf of the Frederick Law Olmsted Society of Riverside, Vice President Tim Ozga and Board member and Architecture Chair Sander Kaplan presented a Restoration Award to Giuseppe Zappani for the exterior masonry restoration work completed at The Riverside Improvement Company Building also known as The Arcade Building, One Riverside Road. The meticulous restoration of the exterior masonry will ensure that the High Victorian Gothic style is preserved and will continue to define this notable historic structure. Mr. Zappani was presented with a framed calligraphy plaque.

Bill Sleeth, Chair of the Nominating Committee announced the Officers for 2011:

President – Kim Jacobs
Vice President, Tim Ozga
Secretary – Cindy Kellogg
Treasurer – Fred Kitch

New board members elected for three-year terms, Gintaras Lietuvninkas, Cathy Maloney, Harjit Singh, Luigi and Rachael Franceschina; and for two-year term Jeff and Jacqueline Miller.

Departing board members Jane and John Kunka, Karen Graham, and Lonnie Sacchi were bestowed the distinction of Olmsted Society Honorary Directors.

Jacobs thanked the Society’s 2010 Nominating Committee Nancy Chmell, Ginny Hermann, Sally Faust, Jason Kinnan, and Bill Sleeth.

Lecture Chair Tom Jacobs introduced Architect and board member Sander Kaplan who gave a lecture entitled, “The Thought of Riverside” focusing on the planning principles of Riverside and Frederick Law Olmsted’s potential thoughts behind those principles in terms of economic, development, and historical sense. He also touched on Olmsted’s brief history before Riverside and provided some interesting tidbits about Riverside structures.