Reflections on Riverside

Student Entries Welcome for 2020 Reflections on Riverside Poetry Contest

Focus on Flora and Fauna

The Olmsted Society invites area students to reflect upon Riverside’s landmark landscape and to express their impressions though poetry. This year, which marks the culmination of the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, we ask you to focus your reflections on Riverside’s plants and animals.

You could explore this theme by heading out onto the riverbanks, or into Riverside’s parks or green spaces. What surprising plants or animals can you find? What do you notice about them? What do you think about them? Why? (These are just idea starters – poems of any style or length exploring this year’s theme are welcome.)

The Olmsted Society will award 1st place winners $100 in the High School division, $50 in the Junior High division (grades 6-8) and $25 at each grade level 1-5. All poets will be invited to read their poems at a special ceremony to be held at the Brookfield Zoo.

The Zoo is offering our winners a unique honor this year: Lines from select poems may be incorporated into the Zoo’s upcoming exhibit on biodiversity. We are excited about this project and hope that the power of poetry, amplified through social media, will help keep biodiversity a topic of discussion today and into the future.
The contest is open April 1-May 4. For entry form see:

Poetry Contest Entry Grades 1-12

Entries are due April 30 via e-mail to gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@tsetnocyrteop for students in grades 1-12. We look forward to receiving many fine entries!