Parc du Mont Royal

Macadam Path and Original Gutter

Macadam Path and Original Gutter

Thanks to local travelers, we are pleased to present this slide show highlighting the Parc du Mont-Royal in Montreal, Canada.

The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York’s Central Park, and inaugurated in 1876, although not completed to his design.

Olmsted had planned to emphasize the mountainous topography through the use of vegetation. Shade trees at the bottom of the carriage path would resemble a valley. As the visitor went higher, the vegetation would get more sparse to give the illusion of exaggerated height. City officials wanted a reservoir atop the mountain instead and Olmsted planned a grand promenade around it. However, Montreal suffered a depression in the mid 1870s and many of Olmsted’s plans were abandoned. The carriage way was built, but it was done hastily and without regards to the original plan. None of the vegetation choices was followed, and the reservoir was never built.

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