2008 Poetry Contest

This year, in conjunction with year-end awards ceremonies at five participating Riverside schools, the Olmsted Society awarded prizes of cash, Aunt Diana’s homemade chocolate fudge and over fifty Certificates of Merit. The 2008 winners, by school, are:

L.J. Hauser Jr. High School
1st place: Stephanie Wolff, Sidealong River
2nd place: Rachel Sammons, The Green Bridge

Ames Elementary
1st place: Bella McGuire, Spring in the Sun
2nd place: Andrew Salij, Island of Green

Blythe Park Elementary
1st place: Molly Stamm, Butterfly Garden
2nd place: Kaitlin Gaynor, Beautiful Gardens

Central Elementary
1st place: Peter Pribyl-Pierdinok, The Woods
2nd place: Stuart Marciniak, The Days of Dawn

St. Mary School
1st place: Becky Warner, Nature’s Home
2nd place: Amelia Reggi, Flowing Slowly