Olmsted 200

Olmsted 200: Our Year-Long Initiatives! 2022 is the Bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted. A nation-wide program, Olmsted 200, has been established to celebrate Olmsted’s design principles – particularly those which are rooted in concern for public health and the desire to promote thoughtful access to nature. We are excited to sponsor two major initiatives, each engaging the area community, to mark this celebration.

The first is the Olmsted 200 Botanical Box. Partnering with botanical artist Shilin Hora, of The Seed, we’re sponsoring a series of free Seed Collection Events, where participants of all ages will learn about seed collecting in Riverside’s natural areas. We are also raising funds for a sizeable, museum-quality, Olmsted 200 Botanical Box to be gifted to the Riverside Public Library on Olmsted’s 200th birthday. It will feature our locally collected seeds, professionally preserved and artistically arranged over the 1869 General Plan for Riverside. Framed with reclaimed wood, the Olmsted 200 Botanical Box will be accompanied by a hand-written seed identification key. This gift will not only be a stunning work of art, embodying our community seed collection efforts, but will educate generations to come about the diversity of Riverside’s flora.

Our second initiative is to design, fund, and plant a public nature space and living Tree Tribute to healing and gratitude for health. The living tree tribute will reflect Olmsted’s philosophy that immersion in Nature improves bodily and spiritual health. Working with the Village, volunteers will come together to plant trees and shrubs in an intentional, yet uncontrived, design to promote serenity and well-being.

You can be part of these lasting gifts to the Riverside community by DONATING HERE in any amount (for which you will receive our written thanks and year-end acknowledgement for tax purposes) and/or by commissioning a commemorative Olmsted 200 Botanical Box from the Seed, starting in April of this year. Samples (each piece is unique) can be viewed at The Seed, located at 34 East Avenue in Riverside, or on the artist’s website, www.shilinhora.com