The Zero Energy Home & Residential Green Roofs

presented by Jerry Marconi and Trevor Wukasch

Jerry Marconi, a Riverside resident, will present his sustainable vacation home near Savanna, Illinois. Mr. Marconi, an attorney by trade, appeared recently in The Riverside Landmark “going green” edition presenting his innovative “home away from home”. Mr. Marconi will speak in-depth about energy saving systems available to residential home owners, as well as other sustainable materials and methods used in environmentally friendly ‘green’ construction. He will also discuss the future plans for his “Zero Energy Home” and expand on how similar eco-friendly systems can be implemented at our full time dwellings.

Trevor Wukasch is a landscape designer for Intrinsic Landscaping, Inc. and Green Roof Solutions, Inc., a notable green roof contractor in the United States. With a background in Environmental Studies and Landscape Architecture, Mr. Wukasch has been involved in large-scale native landscape restoration throughout suburban Chicago. Mr. Wukasch has lectured extensively on the specifics of installing green roofs both residentially and commercially. In this presentation, he will focus on the residential green roof for the homeowner, presenting in detail about the benefits, materials, installation, impact, costs and financial incentives of residential green roofs.

We hope you will join us for this informative and innovative free lecture on Thursday September 27, 2007, 7PM in the Riverside Township Hall auditorium.