Happy 50th Anniversary Frederick Law Olmsted Society!

Happy 50th Anniversary Frederick Law Olmsted Society of Riverside.

To celebrate our Golden Jubilee, we plan to plant 50 trees during several workday in 2017 & 2018. The first 15 trees were planted at our workday on April 29, 2017 in Indian Gardens.

Nine shrubs were also planted.

Tree planting was made possible with the awesome help of 28 Riverside-Brookfield Hight School students and

6 RB teachers and parents. A representative from Morton Arboretum was in attendance to promote and support volunteerism in the community.

Twelve more volunteers from the Olmsted Society pitched in to help plant and remove invasive garlic mustard.

Students and our volunteers started the morning pulling garlic mustard for our annual Great Garlic Mustard Pull. We filled 10 large garbage bags with garlic mustard.