What the Tree Sees

By Emily K., Ames Elementary

What the Tree Sees
A poem based on the Ames Tree

Come my children, I know you’re vast
Now let’s take a trip through the past

A tumbling down
To the ground
Cascading from the trees
A seedling carried in the breeze

Lands by the riverbed
Not knowing what lay ahead
The only men that were around
On their heads wore feathered crowns

As the sapling began to grow
The men who had the bow
Who were buried in a mound
Were replaced with women in gowns

All around trees are cut
Just to make a little hut
Now for years and years our tree will grow
Through sun and rain and hail and snow

Til one year bright
Lightning strikes
With odium and fear
Its end is near

Split through the middle
Every branch widdled
As the saw thwacked through
You ponder with awe

What the trees see