The Riverside Train Station

By Kane L., Jr. High

The Riverside Train Station

In our quiet little town all is well and good

But secretly, there is a place where noises gather
And many a slam comes from a rustic car hood

On the 4th of July, we hang on Him flags so bright

And listen to bands and meet with friends
All through the night

Although Mr. Le Baron Jenny designed Him with an old time style and feel

He looks so modern when the shiny trains come by
With their bustling wheels

On Veterans and Memorial Days He guards over the ceremonies

With a solemn appreciation for all our service men and women have done

And every day, He bows his tiled roof to our war monuments

From the dawn of morning to the setting sun

Within His walls, the lobby brings weary travelers together

Providing them coffee and shelter
In all of Riverside’s changing weather

This Fall, He was the location for a Girl Scout’s eco-friendly Gold Award

That brought our Village new trees on behalf of our Lord.

He silently and with class judges all our car shows

While speeding trains flash by and practically glow.

He seems to enjoy Olmsted’s Swan Pond,

Watching hikers, bikers, sledders and, yes, animals bond.

He is our historical Train Station

From which I hope to continue to share memories for all generations.