2011 Poetry Contest


This year, a record 138 students put pen to paper and participated in the “Reflections on Riverside” Student Poetry Contest. The contest, open to local elementary and junior high school students, asks students to reflect upon Riverside’s natural areas and convey their impressions in poetic form.

Year-end ceremonies and announcements at six area schools were attended by Olmsted Society Board members who awarded all young poets gold foil certificates and warm congratulations. Cash prizes were awarded to each first place winner, and the first and second place winners were treated to framed certificates and sizable chocolate bars iced with the Society’s trademark oak tree. The 2011 winners are:

1st place: Michael Kusz, Des Plaines River
2nd place: Samuel Halwaji, White Tail Deer on my Lawn

Blythe Park
1st place: Olivia Liu, Mother Nature and the River
2nd place: Ava Maria McCarthy, Town by the River
2nd place: Steven Sanduski, Riverside’s Beauty: Reflections of a First Grader

1st place: Anna Strubbe, Des Plaines River
2nd place: Taylor Kosiak, Spring in Riverside
2nd place: Connor Waddle, Spring in Riverside

1st place: Maddie Meehan, Frederick Olmsted
2nd place: Danielle Ciombor, River

St. Mary
1st place: Kane Layng, Arbor Day in Riverside
2nd place: Laura Durkin, Lighting the Landscape

Jr. High
1st place: Gia Cinkay, River
2nd place: Elizabeth DiMonte, Ode to Flowers

To celebrate the accomplishments of our young contest participants, all 138 poets and their families are invited to participate in a Reflections on Riverside Poetry Reading and Reception to be held at the Riverside Public Library on Thursday, July 28th at 7 p.m. Please register by phoning 442-6366.

The Olmsted Society will also be preparing Reflections on Riverside Volume II this summer. All entries from 2010 and 2011 will be included. Please contact gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@tsetnocyrteop if you are interested in helping.

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