Landscape Resources

The Frederick Law Olmsted Society is dedicated to the perpetuation and maintenance of the Olmsted landscape in Riverside for generations to come.

Our landscape constantly evolves and the care and protection of our greenspaces can preserve an element of our unique history. The following resources will be helpful as you plan and work within the natural beauty of our wonderful community. Please click on the link to access information.

Landscaping in a Landmark Village
A guide for Riverside residents understanding, managing, and protecting the unique landscape of a historic landmark village.
Species of Concern
Website hosted by the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia with information regarding invasive species in Illinois.
Documentary on garlic mustard
Watch this 14 minute video to learn how to identify & control this invasive plant which is so damaging to our forest ecosystems.
Tree Bark
Read this excellent Chicago Wilderness Magazine article to learn how to identify six or more local trees in winter by their bark.

Historic Landscaping Plans have been submitted over the years for the Village of Riverside. Available here are drawings from Olmsted Board Member John Kunka: