The Open Spaces of Riverside

The Open Spaces of Riverside

A place of wonder
To those who are curious as a cat.
Hidden nooks and crannies
Filled with lost treasures
Richer than gold.

A place of excitement and thrill
To those who play a sport.
Staining knees green and brown
Giving battle scars
To tell of victories and losses.

A place of rest
To those who are weary and tired.
Giving cool, dark shade under a tree
The feel of rough bark on skin
Nature’s own bed.

A place of refuge
For those who have the blues.
Open your heart out to nature
Tell your sorrows
And have them melt away.

A place of acceptance and welcome
No matter who you are.
Most importantly,
A home to those who need one.

Peter Pribyl-Pierdinock, Hauser Junior High