Landscape Workdays

In 2020, we are teaming up with the Village of Riverside to help beautify our green spaces.

The parks along Riverside Road & around Indian Gardens follow the meandering Des Plaines River. Scottswood Common & Longcommon Common, including Big Ball Parks serves as the backbone of Riverside’s landscape architecture. Both were intended to be part of a green space stretching all the way to downtown Chicago. The triangle at Longcommon & Downing is one of the largest and most visible triangles in Riverside. It is complemented by the nearby triangle at Longcommon & Kent with it’s majestic Oak trees. Harrington Park, along Harlem Avenue, is the most recent green space to be designated as a Public Park. Patriots Park, along 26th Street, is the newest playground constructed.

Frederick Law Olmsted designed the parks in Riverside to provide changing vistas for both pedestrians & vehicles. His plan can be better realized by reducing shrub overgrowth, eliminating weeds & opening up the river view. Join us as we tame, and then maintain your public parks of Riverside.

All workdays are scheduled for Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Look for the Riverside Public Works dump truck. Come for an hour or three, whatever your schedule allows. Supervised children are welcome. Service hour credits are available. Bring your favorite work gloves & a water bottle. All other supplies & snacks will be provided.


March 7th 9am – 12pm Big Ball Park – Weeding
March 28th 9am – 12pm CANCELLED
April 18th 9am – 12pm CANCELLED
May 9th 9am – 12pm CANCELLED
May 30th 9am – 12pm CANCELLED
June 20th 9am – 12pm Big Ball Park – mulching
July 18th 9am – 12pm Scottswood Commons – weeding
August 1st 9am – 12pm Longcommon & Downing Triangle
August 29th 9am – 12pm Patriots Park – weeding
September 12th 9am – 12pm Scottswood Commons – planting
October 3rd 9am – 12pm Longcommon & Downing Triangle
October 24th 9am – 12pm Riverside Road – Collect seeds
November 7th 9am – 12pm Longcommon Common – Weeding

For more information or to be added to our FLOS landscape committee e-list, please contact
Holly Machina or Cindy Kellogg, Olmsted Society Landscape Committee Chairpersons:
gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@syadkrow or 447-0226 or &

Mike Collins, Riverside Forester or 442-3590 ext. 502