Landscape Workdays

For 2022, we are teaming up with the Village of Riverside to help beautify our green spaces.

The parks along Riverside Road & around Indian Gardens follow the meandering Des Plaines River. Scottswood Common & Longcommon Common, including Big Ball Parks serves as the backbone of Riverside’s landscape architecture. Both were intended to be part of a green space stretching all the way to downtown Chicago. The triangle at Longcommon & Downing is one of the largest and most visible triangles in Riverside. It is complemented by the nearby triangle at Longcommon & Kent with it’s majestic Oak trees. Harrington Park, along Harlem Avenue, is the most recent green space to be designated as a Public Park. Patriots Park, along 26th Street, is the newest playground constructed.

Frederick Law Olmsted designed the parks in Riverside to provide changing vistas for both pedestrians & vehicles. His plan can be better realized by reducing shrub overgrowth, eliminating weeds & opening up the river view. Join us as we tame, and then maintain your public parks of Riverside.

All workdays are scheduled for Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Bring your own work gloves & a water bottle. All other landscaping tools & supplies will be provided. You will be informed of specific health and safety requirements and limitations when you make advanced reservations to participate.


April 9th 9am – 12pm Big Ball Park
April 30th 9am – 12pm Indian Gardens
May 14th 9am – 12pm Harrington Park
June 25th 9am – 12pm Patriots Park
July 23rd 9am – 12pm Akenside/Longcommon Triangle
August 27th 9am – 12pm Indian Gardens
September 10th 9am – 12pm Indian Gardens
September 17th 9am – 12pm Indian Gardens
October 1st 9am – 12pm Longcommon & Downing Triangle
October 15th 9am – 12pm Longcommon
October 22nd 9am – 12pm Riverside Road
November 5th 9am – 12pm Longcommon & Downing Triangle

To make advanced reservations or to be added to our FLOS landscape committee e-list, please contact
Holly Machina or Cindy Kellogg, Olmsted Society Landscape Committee Chairpersons:
gro.yteicosdetsmlonull@syadkrow or 447-0226 or &

Mike Collins, Riverside Forester or 442-3590 ext. 502